Hey Coach D,
I want to thank you for laying a great foundation with my daughter Kayla "BAM" Blair. It seems like yesterday that we were in the gym working on her ball handling and mental preparation for playing in front of college coaches. I have never met an AAU coach that spent the time that you did on how to conduct yourself at exposure tourneys. Run off the court, cheer for teammates, eye contact with coach, play hard at all times just to name a few. The skill development in your practices were second to none. Like I said, Thanks for laying a great foundation. All your hard work with her in her Frosh & Soph summers helped her receive the scholarship to Pepperdine University. Thank you for loving and embracing the Blair family.  We love you and the NorCal Elite program. 
S. Blair 



"I wanted to offer up some words of encouragement because the parents that I was sitting around and me included, LOVE what you do and there IS room in Sacramento for another QUALITY club that stays small and trains the girls that they (you/NorCal) invest in.  I know it’s hard but HEART and HARD WORK will win over TALENT any time.  At least that is my belief. 


From the small amount of time I was able to observe, you are really good at what you do.  You and your team pointed out things to ****  that even her school coach won’t or has not pointed out to her.  I feel like she is capable of so much more and I feel like you and your style of coaching and how you WORK the girls will bring that out in her.  If **** is fortunate to make it, I truly look forward to what you will eventually bring out in her. 


Keep it up and stay with it.  We are here to support you in any way we can. 



P.S. insider view…a couple of the girls (whose other parent couldn’t be in the room to witness the magic) are hoping you hold another tryout. "




"I want you to know that we all see improvements in our daughter's  game this summer.  We LOVE your practices.  We have never seen anyone run a more effective program that always emphasizes solid basic skills and teaches girls the game of basketball.  You have an excellent support staff of assistant coaches who complement you well.  We look forward to our daughter’s continued growth in your superior basketball program."



Good Morning Damond,


  Wow! That was the best group basketball "work-out" I have seen my daughter participate in.  You and your staff did some very high-end drills at a rapid rate of speed.  Everything was very well organized. The level of instruction was very good.  I overheard much of what you said and I was very impressed with not only what you said, but how you said it. All the girls were very skilled and were  dedicated to being good high school basketball players. The two girls I spoke to (from Del Oro and River City) were both starters as sophomores.


As you may remember, my daughter is only in 7th grade and will be playing on the ***** this summer,  since the ******  is no longer an option. While this may work out for her this summer, the level of instruction with your program is by far and away the best I have seen for girls in our area.


Next summer,  (2013) when she is going into high school, we will return and attend your "try-outs" and see what happens.

Thanks again for letting her be part of your Sunday afternoon "work-out/try-out.


**** Dad

Hi Coach Damond and Coach Joseth,

I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with the training that Lauren has been receiving.  In just a few practices/trainings she is already beginning to have more confidence in her ball handling at game time.  She currently plays on her middle school team.  I know that the season should be over, but they are running a little behind.  Last night during their last game, she shocked us all with 3 behind the back moves during the game!  She has never done more than a crossover during a game.  We were all shocked!  I just wanted thank you all and say that the our famil looks forward to the NCEYG’s season.

On a side note we are working on trying to slim her down some so that she can be more agile and get up and down the court quickly, but don’t let her size fool you.  She has played all of her middle school games without a sub (40 minutes) and is used to long periods of play without a sub during her AAU season.  She may not move like some of the other girls, but she’ll never complain about needing a sub.

Thanks again.  We’ll see you tomorrow night.


Great practices this weekend.  After you talked to her I know that she is taking it seriously.  She is working out at the gym almost every night and shooting at least 3 evenings last week.  I think she realizes that she  needs to shoot when open.  She had been discouraged to do that in high school and it will come around on the Nor Cal Elite.

Just  a side note:  She finally has a coach that will encourage her and she believes in and respects.  I just want to thank you for that.

See you this weekend. 


Coach Damond,

 I watched all the white team's games and one of the blue team's games. It was so nice to see them working as "TEAMS"!! Congrats to the blue team! 

The white team had to deal with a little (or a lot) of adversity but through it all they stuck together! 

Your coaching staff is amazing and we greatly appreciate all your time and efforts!!  We are looking forward to the upcoming tournaments and watching even greater strides in their progression!

Thank you
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